Welcome New Author Lynne Cruz!

Which comes first, the story, the characters or the setting? 

Usually the story. I’ll get an idea or I’ll think of a particular scene out of nowhere and then I think about who is involved and where. I love when a scene just pops into my head!


Are you in control of your characters or do they control you?

Sometimes, the characters control me! I’ll decide I want a character to be with a certain person, but the character tells me they don’t want that! I often have to just go with the flow.


How do you come up with the titles to your books?

A line I write in the story or something a character says can sometimes inspires me to use it as a title. I often leave the title until after most of the story is written.


What did you want to be when you grew up?

I had a passion for acting and musical theatre. I loved being in school musicals and local productions. I loved singing. I even auditioned for drama schools and Australian Idol! But with rejection after rejection, I decided that I’d persue other interests.


Are you working on anything at the present you’d like to share with us?

I’ve started to work on a new story. I had an idea for a story about 4 years ago and I’m revisiting it but with some new twists and endings than originally planned.


Do you have any strange handwriting habits, like capitalizing all your “r”s or dotting your “I”s with heart (or anything like that)?

It’s not too strange (I don’t think!) but I often write in all capitals. I think my Dad used to do the same.


You can erase any horrible experience from your past. What will it be?

My father having Alzheimer’s and passing away. I’ve had some pretty horrible experiences in my past, but that has got to be the worst. Some other experiences, as horrible as they were, I wouldn’t erase because they’ve helped me to be who I am today.


When you looked in the mirror this morning, what was the first thing you thought? 

“Ughh, my hair is s***!”. Haha! I tried to dye my hair blue a while ago, it’s all come out and now I’m left with brown/black/blonde/regrowth yuckness!


What were you doing at midnight last night? 

Trying to sleep and get warm again after my dog woke me up to go outside!


What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever eaten? 

Oysters. I can’t stand them!


What do you want to know about the future? 

I’d love to know what direction my career will go in and what successes will come my way!


What’s your heritage?

My father was English and my mum is Filipino.


What’s your favorite pizza? 

Pepperoni pizza with barbecue sauce base on deep pan. I used to work in a pizza shop… I know my way around a pizza…


What’s one thing scientists should invent? 

Writer de-blocker. Stop the whole writers block from even happening! If there’s an “after-life”, there should be a phone to call people who have passed away.


What do you do to relax and recharge your batteries? 

I am a gamer. I could spend hours playing video games if I was allowed! So, I’ll play games online and sometimes stream it so people can watch me play and chat to me as well.


Have you always wanted to be a writer?

I always liked writing and reading books. I remember I won a poetry competition when I was about 7 years old and when I was in High School, I wanted to be a journalist. I even did my work experience at the local newspaper publication and wrote some stories that got published! So, writing has always been in the background of my interests.



If you weren’t writing, what would you be doing?

I’d either be finishing my degree and being a counsellor or pushing for more followers on my gaming channels online.



Fill in the blank favorites (two word max!)  

Dessert – chocolate ice-cream

City – Sydney

Season – Autumn

Hero – Minecraft Steve

Heroine – Fionna (Adventure Time)



What question would you love to answer that I didn’t ask?

Who are 5 people you would have to dinner, dead or alive?

Sir Elton John, Russell Brand, Ricky Gervais, Jake Shears and Pink.



Tell us about your current title.

Speed More Often follows the life of Sandra Jones. She likes a drink, likes a party and sure loves her men. She’s never lonely, but after going out for the night with friends, she drives home drunk and is caught by the police. She gets more than expected from Officer Tom Watkins on that fateful night!



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Author of the Month, Michelle Lowhorn, Giveaway

I’ve enjoyed being the author of the month at Rebel Ink Press!  Be sure to stop by my Facebook page and leave a comment with the name of your favorite teacher to enter to win an e-copy of your choice of one of the books in The Teacher Series. Also if you leave me a message with your address, I’ll send you some of my swag.  Thank You!








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Please Enjoy an Exclusive Excerpt from Parental Involvement by Michelle Lowhorn…

Parental Involvement-med sizeExcerpt from Parental Involvement, Book 3 in the Teacher Series by Michelle Lowhorn


“Jye, could you help us with something?” 

He turned around in time to see Charity pretend to slice her neck, telling Daisy she didn’t want her to say anything.  It was quite comical because for some reason, the annoying woman didn’t realize Jye could see her.  Obviously whatever it was, Charity didn’t want his help, which made it all the more tempting for him.  “I’d be happy to.  What exactly do you need my help with?” 

“Charity is in need of a security system.  Apparently someone entered her apartment last night while she slept and left a flower on the pillow.”

He looked over at Charity.  “Did you call the police and report it?”

Daisy didn’t give her time to answer.  “No, she didn’t.  I just found out about it a minute ago.  I was getting ready to call Dane when you knocked on the door.  I think she needs to take the break-in more seriously.”

Jye sat down in the chair across the table from Charity.  “Has this person done anything else or maybe made contact with you before last night?”

Charity shook her head in answer.

“That’s not true.  Friday night someone slashed all four tires on her car.  And this crazy woman chased after him,” Daisy announced.

“You’re such a blabber mouth.  See if I ever speak in confidence to you again.”  

Everyone knew Charity didn’t get along with Jye and would do or say just about anything not to be forced to ask him for help.

Jye interrupted her tirade at Daisy.  “Has anything else happened?”  She shook her head no a little too quickly.  “He hasn’t contacted you?”

After a huge huff, she finally answered.  “Well someone’s been calling me but he doesn’t say anything when I answer.”

“How long has this been going on?”  Jye was definitely getting a little worked up.  His personality was the absolute epitome of an alpha male.  There always appeared to be something dangerous lurking just under his skin, waiting for the right time to emerge.

“I’ve been getting calls for about six weeks now.  He’s never said anything until last night.  The annoying man interrupted The Bachelor, right when he was handing out the roses to his chosen harem for the week.  It annoyed me so I told him off.”

“What?  Why didn’t you report it to the police?  He could be a real psycho and try to kidnap or even kill you,” Daisy shouted.

“How many times has he called?”  Jye asked in a deceptively quiet voice.

“Maybe ten or twelve times,” she answered.

One eyebrow rose fractionally.  “He’s called a dozen times over the last six weeks?  That could be a simple case of the wrong number.”

“No, he calls that many times a day,” she confessed, making sure not to meet his eyes.

“Oh my word, wait until I tell your sister,” Daisy muttered.

“Has he contacted you any other way besides calling?”  By this time, Jye realized she wasn’t going to volunteer any information.  The only way he’d find out important facts is if he asked specific questions.

Charity crossed her arms over her chest and scrunched her face like a child who was upset that they’d been caught.  “He might have emailed a few times.”  There was no mistaking Jye’s look, he wasn’t buying her statement.  “Oh alright, he’s sent me probably a hundred emails, give or take a few.”  He continued to stare at her.  “Stop interrogating me.  I don’t like the way you’re wrenching out every last detail.  I wouldn’t be surprised if I confess to a crime I didn’t commit.  Obviously you wrote the book on intimidation.”  She glared back at Jye.  “And he’s left thirteen notes on my car window.  There, are you happy now?  You know every last detail about the situation.”

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Today We Welcome Charity Turner from Michelle Lowhorn’s Parental Involvement

Parental Involvement-med sizeToday we’re welcoming Charity Turner from Michelle Lowhorn’s Parental Involvement Book 3 in The Teacher Series! Thanks for joining us, Charity.

So let’s get started, because our readers really want to know…

Everything about you! Tell us, where did you grow up? Is that the only place you’ve ever lived or have you moved around?

I’m from a small town in Texas, well it’s not small anymore. Everything is bigger in Texas or at least that’s what they say.  I’ve never lived anywhere else.  I couldn’t move away from Daddy, Mama or my sisters.

What’s your current occupation?

I’m a language arts teacher in a middle school.  I’m working on my masters to be a librarian.  I love to read romance novels, but there wouldn’t be any of the books I read in a school library.  

What’s in your refrigerator right now?

A gazillion take out boxes.  My husband, Jye, has forbidden me from cooking.  The last time he had to put out a fire in our kitchen was when he mandated that I’m not allowed to do anything in the kitchen unless it’s to open a takeout box.

What smell do you associate with your childhood? Is it a happy smell?

Cow pies.  Hope, Grace, Faith and I grew up in the country.  I can’t say that it was a happy smell because dung doesn’t smell that great, but every time I get a whiff of the putrid aroma, I automatically think of home.

What’s a typical Saturday morning like for you?

I get up early so I’m already outside the stores when they open.  I find my best deals on Saturday morning.  The stores aren’t that busy at that time, so there isn’t other shoppers complaining that I’m holding up the line.

Do you have any tattoos? What are they? If you don’t, would you consider getting one and what would it be?

This is between you and me because my Mama would die if she knew I had a tattoo.  It’s really small in a place where no one can see, well of course my husband sees it when I’m naked.  Oh darn, I gave it away.  I might as well tell you where it is now, my tattoo is on my booty.

What is your most treasured possession?

I should probably answer something considerate like my husband, but he’s not a possession so I can’t say my husband.  My wardrobe is my most prized possession.  I love clothes!  I’m working diligently to build my wardrobe back up since my stalker destroyed all of my clothes and shoes.  What sane person does that?  Well he wasn’t actually sane, so I guess it makes sense.

Do you have any regrets? What are they?

Last Saturday, I arrived at the consignment shop one minute too late to get this amazing pair of Jimmy Choo’s.  If I hadn’t stopped for the elderly man crossing the road, I would have beat that rude woman and got those shoes.  She had the nerve to yell at me when I tried to sneak them out of her cart.

Do you prefer jeans or sweats? Flip-flops or sneakers?

I prefer designer clothes and shoes.  But if I had to choose between those, I’d pick designer jeans and sneakers.  Oh who am I kidding?  I’d figure out a way to make designer high heals a choice.  That’s really not a fair question because you’re annihilating the people who take pride in their wardrobe.  I don’t think annihilating was the word I was looking for.  Hold on just a minute while I go ask Jye what I’m trying to say.

Okay I’m back.  I meant to say you’re alienating the people who take pride in their wardrobe.

What is your greatest achievement?

Please ignore the man clearing his throat.  He’s worried I’m going to answer that getting a great deal on a designer outfit.  Although I’ve been able to find some incredible deals, I’m not that shallow.  My greatest achievement would be marrying my loving husband.  There are you happy, sweetheart?

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

I need to lose some weight.  Jye loves my curves but doesn’t just about every woman want to lose a few pounds.

Describe the perfect meal.

Anything Mama makes because she is an amazing cook.  Jye wishes she had the patience to teach me, but he always says and I quote, ‘She would need the patience of Job.’

Is there anything you’d like to tell your writer?

Thanks for creating me and giving me such a sense of style because everyone knows you don’t have one!

Be sure to look up Charity Turner in Parental Involvement and come back next week for an exclusive excerpt…


Charity Turner is every adolescent boy’s idea of the perfect teacher. She’s beautiful, wears form-fitting clothes, and has the highest father involvement in the whole school.  Unfortunately, they’re not the only ones obsessed with her. Recently Charity’s acquired a stalker.

Jye Jameson learned everything he knows about surveillance and security from the military.  While he was assigned overseas, a stalker killed his mother.  Consumed with guilt, he left the military and opened his own security company with a fierce determination to protect the innocent.

When Jye becomes involved in Charity’s affairs, together they will find a way to catch her stalker and end his reign of terror. 


Purchase links:




Barnes and Noble



All Romance




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Please Welcome our August Author of the Month, Michelle Lowhorn!

So tell us, Michelle
Are you a kitchen god/goddess or the king/queen of takeout? What’s your specialty dish or favorite delivery treat? (if it’s a specialty dish, feel free to share the recipe with us)

I’m a mix between both.  I’m not a bad cook but I’m not extraordinarily great in the kitchen.

You have a million dollars…What charity do you give it to and why?

I would give it to schools.  There is so much a school could do with some extra funds.  All the teachers I know spend quite a bit of their own money to purchase items for their classrooms.

If you had to be stuck in one season perpetually, which one would it be and why? Would you prefer to live it in any particular place?

I would want to be stuck in summer because I’m off work in the summer.  I look forward to my time off all school year and then it’s over too quickly.  I would love to spend my time somewhere tropical!

What’s your…favorite fruit? Vegetable? Candy? Beverage? Sport?

I’ll eat anything if it’s coated in chocolate.  I’m addicted to diet Dr. Pepper. I was born and raised in Indiana, so I’m a Pacers basketball fan.

If you had an endless supply of money and could have the vacation of your dreams, what would it entail? Give us a stunning description of the event!

I would sit on the screened in lanai (because I hate bugs) writing at my house on the beach in Hawaii that I’d rent until the money ran out.  The funny part is I’m a cheapskate, so I’d never spend that kind of money in real life.

You’re sitting at your desk or work area…look up! What do you see around you?

I do most of my writing sitting up in bed.  I’m severely ADD and my bedroom is the one quiet place in my house where I can concentrate. 

Do you know how to ski? Play polo? Ever been scuba diving? Would you go bear hunting if asked?

I’m not an outdoor person, so I haven’t done any of those activities.  I prefer to stay inside where it’s cleaner, the temperature is regulated, and there aren’t any bugs.   

Did you enjoy language arts in school? Did you have a teacher in particular that encouraged you or recognized your writing talent early on?

Language arts was always my strongest subject.  I don’t recall any teachers that encouraged me to write, but I had some amazing teachers.  I remember my elementary teachers more than my secondary ones, which might be why I chose to teach elementary.  The two teachers that I remember making me feel important were my second grade teacher, Mrs. Harris, and sixth grade teacher, Mrs. Branch.

Whew…We’re thirsty now and we’re sure you are, too! It’s five o’ clock somewhere, so let’s have a drink. What cocktail or mocktail best describes you and why?

If you saw me, you’d probably think something plain and uninteresting like a shot of something.  But because I don’t like the taste of alcohol, I have to disguise it in a fruity drink.  A frozen strawberry margarita is my favorite.

What are you currently working on? Do you have a small bit to share with us of your current project?

I’m currently working on a series about a group of mercenaries who feel like they’re unlovable.  The first book in the series is Abandon.

Author Bio:

Michelle Lowhorn and her husband reside in Texas, where they enjoy their two teenagers and pug.  She’s a full time teacher during the day and part time romance author at night.  When she’s not working, you can bet she has her nose buried in a romance novel.  Becoming an author is a dream come true.


Author Links:







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Nancy LaPonzina, Author of the Month, Giveaway

Nancy would like to thank each of you for spending part of your month with her, learning about her work A Path Through the Garden. She’s giving away 3 (three) copies of A Path Through the Garden. Please leave a comment on this post and she’ll choose three winners. Please let her know what your favorite part of her monthly blog takeover was… Contest ends July 31, 2014.

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Today We Have an Exclusive Excerpt from Nancy LaPonzina’s A Path Through the Garden

4489824A Path Through the Garden excerpt

Leyla Jo couldn’t take her eyes from the soft pink stones around the clerk’s neck.

The advisor put her hand to her throat. “Senora, you like these? They are pink tourmaline with the darker rubelle.”

“They’re beautiful,” Leyla Jo said. Somehow the gems called her to notice. The call was soft, undemanding. She knew what that meant. Pay attention.

The clerk continued, “A very effective energy medicine, no? When worn,” and the clerk spread her hands around her neck, “like this. Each gemstone’s shape affects the energy of the wearer Senora, and the ability to absorb the goodness of the gemstone. “I am,” and she seemed to struggle a short moment with her words, “I am a gemstone advisor. I work with other advisors here to determine which gemstones will be most effective for our patrons’ needs.”

Leyla Jo nodded. Made sense.

Hal spoke up, “Grazi, Senora. Could we look at a necklace, please?”

“Yes, of course. Let me show you one. My pleasure.” The advisor reached down behind the counter and slide out a soft earthen green box adorned with small, tiny pinecones across its top. She opened it and withdrew a beautiful silver link clasped necklace with five pink tourmaline gems and three rose-colored rubelle stones from its nest of pine needles.

Leyla Jo felt its energy the moment the box top opened. She accepted it from the advisor and placed the necklace around her neck. Hal was right behind her and moved her hair aside to close the clasp. It felt wonderful.

The advisor smiled and adjusted the small counter mirror for her to take a view.

“It’s lovely!” Leyla Jo hugged onto Hal’s arm.

“My gift to you, sweetie,” Hal said. “A perfect remembrance of Rome.” He smiled at the clerk and said, “I’d like her to wear it.”

The clerk smiled and began collecting the box and prepared to complete the purchase.

“Senora,” Leyla Jo asked but she knew the answer already, “for what condition does this aid?”

The clerk reached for her own neck once again and touched the necklace. “For family, Senora,” and her eyes glowed with happiness. She moved her hand under the lab coat. “My first,” and she softly patted the reason for the oversized lab coat.

Leyla Jo clasped Hal’s hand. “Perfect, Hal. Thank you.”

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Nancy’s Back With Leyla Jo from A Path Through the Garden

Today we’re welcoming Leyla Jo Jared from Nancy LaPonzina’s A Path through the Garden! Thanks for joining us, Leyla Jo.

So let’s get started, because our readers really want to know…

Everything about you! Tell us, where did you grow up? Is that the only place you’ve ever lived or have you moved around?

Though born and raised in Robeson County, North Carolina, I only pieced together my origins after participating in an archaeological dig at a new subdivision in Raleigh. That sounds strange, I know, but that’s how it happened. Meeting my archaeologist husband-to-be turned my life around. Through his research and the efforts of my best friend, my African-American ancestry blended to include Native American ancestry as well. I’m a country girl at heart and even though I have a professional office in the city of Raleigh, nature speaks loudest to my spirit.

What’s your current occupation?

I’m a Nurse Practitioner supporting holistic health care and alternative health remedies for my clients. I hold Reiki Second Degree certification. My practice includes Bache Flower Remedy Essences and gemstone work as well as metaphysical modalities including astrology.

What’s in your refrigerator right now?

Let’s see, skim milk, quinoa, a roasted chicken, spinach, tomatoes, celery, vegetable stock, pasta, blueberries and strawberries, lemon bars, and anniversary cake.

What smell do you associate with your childhood? Is it a happy smell?

The wonderful fragrance of acres of tobacco flowers from the fields surrounding Aunt Beatrice’s homeplace. As a tiny toddler, I couldn’t do much to bring in the crop but the heady smell of it warmed by the sun made me eager to get up and on with my day. The fields started on the other side of the driveway. From the porch, I could see the tobacco leaves golding up from the bottom. It was my job to check it from the porch each morning and let Aunt Beatrice know when I saw the first color. I wonder how helpful that really was.

What’s a typical Saturday morning like for you?

Yoga at dawn followed by a bowl of whole grain oatmeal with blueberries and maple syrup. Then a short walk in the woods with the baby where we collect things we find in the forest: pinecones, bird feathers, wildflowers, shiny stones, berries to bring to my office. I see clients in the office until noon and then we spend the rest of the day out in the meadow behind our home, picnicking, reading, and enjoying the day. Sometimes we see our neighbor and she lets us ride her horses.

Do you have any tattoos? What are they? If you don’t, would you consider getting one and what would it be?

Ahhh, being the health professional and an advocate of healthy lifestyles, I wouldn’t promote tattoos.

What is your most treasured possession?

A gift from Aunt Beatrice, a small woven Indian basket, one of the few things I ever had from the biological mother I never knew. I only place the most special things into that basket at any given time. I put the ancient pottery sherds we discovered at Nardi Point into it for safe-keeping.

Do you have any regrets? What are they?

I wish we could have had a baby sooner, and that Hal had been able to see him … hold him.

Do you prefer jeans or sweats? Flip-flops or sneakers?

To tell the truth, I like brightly-colored 100% cotton like FLAX clothing. It’s cool, the colors are amazingly vibrant if you want to mix and match and they can all be thrown into the washing machine. No dry-cleaning, fuss, or muss. http://www.redonionclothing.com/

What is your greatest achievement?

Hands done, it’s the preservation of our discovery of Paleo-Indian Native American pottery at Nardi Point. Had we not gone against the construction company, this important piece of history belonging to every North Carolinian, as well as personal revelation about my ancestry, would have been lost forever.

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

I want to be able to maintain a healthy balance between my client hours and my personal life. I tend to get absorbed in my clients and large amounts of time can pass quickly before I realize it. There are only so many hours in the day.

Describe the perfect meal.

Being a Southerner, any meal featuring country style cooking including sweet potatoes, roasted chicken, collard greens, string bean casserole, biscuits, sweet tea, congealed salad, North Carolina style barbecue, and banana pudding sits fine with me.

Is there anything you’d like to tell your writer?

I love her. She listened to me when I spoke my heart and went through my greatest loss by my side. We cried tears of sorrow together, followed by tears of joy. You just can’t break a special bond like that.

Be sure to look up Leyla Jo in A Path Through the Garden and come back next week for an exclusive excerpt…


Alternative healer Leyla Jo Jared helps others grow their families, yet struggles with her own infertility. Archaeologist scientist husband, Hal Jared dearly wants to share the context and provenience of a multi-racial baby and feels guilty he has let her down. Hoping for a solution for their craving to become a family, Leyla Jo turns to her folkways heritage and explores natural plant botanicals.

When the archaeological exhibit the couple curates is compromised by international scientists from Rome, and the Director of the local Art Museum, the couple’s role in the professional, scientific community is severely challenged. After Hal falls ill, Leyla Jo’s desire leads to a conflicted crossroad … must she choose her husband’s health over their yearning for a child?

Now Leyla Jo must explore her path through the garden and travel her biggest journey.

Purchase links:

A Path through the Garden Purchase Link: http://www.amazon.com/Path-Through-Garden-Nancy-LaPonzina-ebook/dp/B00DQ9S0DG/ref=tmm_kin_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&sr=1-1&qid=1401907506



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Please Welcome our July Author of the Month…Nancy LaPonzina!

So tell us, Nancy…
Are you a kitchen goddess or the queen of takeout? What’s your specialty dish or favorite delivery treat?

You could probably call me a Vegan goddess wannabe. I love preparing meals that use fresh farmer’s market ingredients, whole grains, dark leafy vegetables, tofu, almond milk … like my most of my characters. However, unlike them, I gained 10 pounds making the best healthful and delicious smoothies ever, and that was just for lunch. How does that happen? So I’m an edited Vegan and eat a healthful diet as much as possible.

You have a million dollars…What charity do you give it to and why?

Mental illness is terribly misunderstood in our society today. Through no fault of their own, afflicted children come into the world and like a time bomb, develop mental illness and any of its permutations. I’d contribute a million dollars to biological research directed to identification of the chemicals triggering the disease and NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness).

If you had to be stuck in one season perpetually, which one would it be and why? Would you prefer to live it in any particular place?

That’s a hard decision. Spring or fall? Which would I choose. Hmmm. Spring returns the sun and all things green and fragrant. It’s uplifting to the spirit and inspirational. But Fall? Nothing beats crisp apples, orange pumpkins, and the dazzling red, orange, and yellow leaves blazing their farewell until next spring. I suppose if stuck, I’d stick with fall!

What’s your…favorite fruit? Vegetable? Candy? Beverage? Sport?

I adore most fruit when it’s perfectly ripe and in season, but  lovely peaches, Bosc pears, and blueberries probably top the list. Spinach sautéed in olive oil, sweet potato anything, and asparagus are nice, too. In the past I’ve been known for my passion for AllSorts licorice candies, Twizzlers, and ice cream. Leyla Jo also makes THE very best Lemon bars. Yum! I’ll share her recipe if anyone is interested!

If you had an endless supply of money and could have the vacation of your dreams, what would it entail? Give us a stunning description of the event!

An around the world cruise in the most delightful onboard suite available.  You know, one of those so-called Owner’s Suites with a canopy bed, Frette linen bedding, a working fireplace, private gourmet chef, and a small staff to coordinate all the details. (Sigh) The itinerary would begin with an Atlantic crossing to London offering peaceful days of open horizon and uninterrupted writing, then continue on throughout the world. Only my publisher would know where I was!

You’re sitting at your desk or work area…look up! What do you see around you?

Directly above my desk is a bulletin board with inspirational and factual alerts about my current wip. A bookcase holding my many writing reference and wisdom books is to my right. Placed with love above that is my book altar. My book altar displays a mock cover for the current wip on a small wooden easel, and any objects I find along the journey that relate to the story. The book altar is like a 3-D collage of inspiration. To my back is an oversized wing chair in which I read manuscript pages aloud, and if necessary in which I close my eyes, too. The last piece is a small box filled with bits and pieces of technological stuff.

Do you know how to ski? Play polo? Ever been scuba diving? Would you go bear hunting if asked?

Haha … I don’t ski, play polo, or scuba dive, although I hold an orange belt in Taw Kwon Do. I’m primarily a word person which means I hunt words, phrases, and plots, research facts, and read and write. I have participated in archaeological digs. You’d be surprised to find  how much stamina a dig requires. Believe me, I sure was!

Did you enjoy language arts in school? Did you have a teacher in particular that encouraged you or recognized your writing talent early on?

Loved language arts. Everything fell into place so naturally, it all made sense. I loved the beginning of school each September as there would be a new “reader” for English class and I couldn’t wait to see all the stories. I also seem to have a natural gift for spelling through no work of my own, and I sure hope I never lose it. Smile. Mr. Henry Blair, my high school English teacher, was always super supportive. You see, sometimes when you love words and stories, you think everyone does, too. It’s inspiring when you’re made aware that writers are different from so many others, and that you need to work to improve your craft.

Whew…We’re thirsty now and we’re sure you are, too! It’s five o’ clock somewhere, so let’s have a drink. What cocktail or mocktail best describes you and why?

Well, like I’ve said, I really really love most smoothies … but really fresh minted Mojitos and sparkling wines are amazing, too! I’d like to be known for fresh and sparkling stories that entertain and satisfy. And then there’s ice cream sodas. Hmmm.

What are you currently working on? Do you have a small bit to share with us of your current project?

My current wip is Yellow Pansies in a Blue Cobalt Jar.

Silver-haired professional bibliotherapist, Rhose Guerin, deals with a reluctant husband as she follows her heart to grow her private practice while dealing with a fading marriage. She must make wise decisions about her culinary chef daughter’s start-up restaurant, an old college love, and the man she married in order to get them all on the same page.

Author Bio:

Nancy LaPonzina is an award-winning author, writer, poet, and editor from the Southeast. She’s the author of the newly released, A Path Through the Garden (Rebel Ink Press, 2013) and her debut novel, Nardi Point. Both stories have been recognized by Chanticleer Books & Media as First Place finalists in their genre. Other writing includes articles, web-site content, and technical documentation. She lives in a small southern town where she volunteers, gardens, and writes. She loves archaeology, alternative health modalities, nature, the metaphysical, and her rescue Maine Coon cat, Copy.

Author Links:

Learn more about her at her website: www.nancylaponzina.com.  She can be found on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/nancy.laponzina, and on Twitter, here: @NancyLaPonzina.

Amazon Author Central: http://www.amazon.com/-/e/B007UY58HY

Nardi Point Purchase Link: http://www.amazon.com/Nardi-Point-Nancy-LaPonzina-ebook/dp/B007US8S0O/ref=tmm_kin_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&sr=1-2&qid=1401907410

A Path through the Garden Purchase Link: http://www.amazon.com/Path-Through-Garden-Nancy-LaPonzina-ebook/dp/B00DQ9S0DG/ref=tmm_kin_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&sr=1-1&qid=1401907506

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Monday Munchies…A Few Bits to Get You Through

2566835From War of the Gods by HL Wampler…

I stared out the only window in the cramped, stone classroom. Mr. Clarence Rhodes droned on about some nineteenth century British author. A light throb started at my temples and I wanted nothing more than to leave the class.

“Cara? Cara!” a voice bellowed at the front of the room.


“Are you with us today?”

“Oh. Um, yeah. Sorry, Mr. Rhodes.”

“Would you answer the question please?” he asked.

“What question?”

A few of my class mates snickered and my cheeks flushed.

“Perhaps if you spent as much time staring at the chalk board as you do outside you would know what we’re talking about,” he lectured.

“Sorry,” I mumbled, sliding down in my seat.

“Brittany, would you like to answer the question?”

“Of course,” the perky girl said, sitting up straight in her chair. “Washington Irving wrote The Sketch Book under the pseudonym of Geoffrey Crayon.”

“Correct,” the professor said, continuing on with his lecture.

Brittany looked at me and smirked. I rolled my eyes and looked back out the window. The migraine was getting worse and I couldn’t concentrate.

“What’s wrong with you?” Brandy whispered from behind me.

“I just don’t feel like being in class today,” I whispered back still staring out the window.


“Because nineteenth century literature isn’t very fascinating today.”

 “Alright, Cara, what’s wrong?”

“I told you nothing. I just have a migraine.”

“Mm hmm,” she mumbled, sitting back in her seat.

I sighed and shifted my gaze to the board. The remainder of the class seemed to drag on.

“Alright boys and girls, you’re free,” Mr. Rhodes said, closing the old leather book he was reading from.

I quickly shoved my laptop into my bag. Mr. Rhodes sat on the corner of his desk as the other students left. I smiled meekly as I walked past him.

“Um, Miss Grey, please stay.”

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Kenya, Malindi, tropical butterflies mating (FILM SCAN)From Seducing the Wild Butterfly by Vivian Proud…

Leaving the balmy August heat for the cool, artificial air of the San Francisco Airport, Crystal Channing found her way to the airline kiosk. After gathering her tickets from the mechanical cavity, she checked in her baggage and proceeded to the security gate.

Waiting and reading a book before her security check, Crystal was feeling blasé. Airports were exciting on the departing flight but on the return, she found them mundane and felt restless. She just wanted to get home to her cabin and her dogs in Cody even though she had enjoyed herself at Darlene’s wedding.

It was an exceptionally extravagant event; she was so happy for Darlene, her longtime girlfriend from college. The traditional Catholic wedding was at Saint Ignatius Church in the Inner Richmond with beautiful, historical architecture inside and out. The reception was at the St. Francis Yacht Club with a stunning view of the bay and Crystal had a wonderful time with her old Palo Alto roommate, girlfriend and fellow bridesmaid, Renee Lamont. It had been at least a year since she’d last seen Renee now that she’d landed an advertising position in New York.

But she was unsettled during the entire affair. She couldn’t help but think about Rusty at the wedding. Maybe she should have married him. But she couldn’t and she wouldn’t. He was the one I let get away.

Losing focus on her book, Crystal started people watching from her place in line. She was always so afraid to miss her plane that she was extremely early. She’d about two hours before boarding. She decided after she got through security she’d get a drink. She hated flying and an elixir might help her feel better.

Feeling a forceful gaze, she looked over to match it and saw him. She recognized him immediately, although his hair was now salt and pepper, mostly salt, and his face looked much older. It had been ten years since she’d last seen him and it brought back a flood of emotions. 

Surprisingly, he was walking toward her. He couldn’t possibly be coming to see me? But his direction was dead on and he looked at her with recognition.

Why is he coming over to my place in line? Or is he coming to see somebody else?

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6757664From Jagged Little Lies by Lorelie Rozzano…

The prison bars closed with a final clang. The sound reverberated through his jaw and down his back and echoed down the miles of endless hallways. The shouts and taunts began immediately. “Come here bitch.” “Yo boy, you be my bitch now.” “Hey pretty boy.” “Come say hello to my little friend.”

The catcalls were endless. The tones varied, but all were male. Declan shivered. How the hell had it come to this? Bars rattled next to his and he jumped. He couldn’t see them, their cells were lined side by side down the long hallway, but he’d caught a glimpse. Men of all shapes and colors stared at him. They’d been strangely silent as the guard marched beside him. Their only form of communication hand signals. His knees were still knocking from their easily discerned gestures.

The bars rattled again, this time accompanied by a low moan. The moan intensified and was joined by wet, kissing sounds. Disgust rose in his throat. Sweat was beginning to gather on his forehead and under his arms. It wouldn’t be long now. He shivered again. The noise he heard outside his cell was nothing compared to what he’d soon face.

Declan counted the hours trying to calculate how long it would be, before he’d be writhing on the floor. Six hours, at the most. But he could already feel it begin. His legs ached, as if the bone marrow were being leached from their very core. He was getting cold, clammy-cold and reached for the stiff prickly blanket folded at the end of his cot. Wrapping himself up the best he could, Declan huddled against the cement wall. The bed underneath him was every bit as hard as the wall he huddled next to. He used his breath to warm his hands, blowing warmth against his aching digits, hoping to lessen the stiffening. The blanket irritated his skin and prickled his forearms, closing his eyes he thought back.

He’d been so fucking stupid and awake for days. With a thick wad of cash, he was king. Christ he’d been invincible. Or so he thought. He’d just scored a shitload of the little pills he’d come to love. The tubular little soldiers rattled in his pockets, promising nothing but sheer bliss. Strangers’ names were on the labels of the pilfered bottles before they were carefully torn off and shredded. The image brought Miranda’s face to mind and he winced. He’d been such an asshole and she hadn’t deserved it. Her only crime was in loving him. He wondered if she’d been fired. He could see her, the ghost of her image haunting him. The look in her eyes as she sat in the courtroom staring up at him. She was never one to hide her emotions. Shock, disbelief, and confusion surfaced on her beautiful face. These first emotions quickly wore off however, leaving behind a portrait of pain and hurt. It was the last two that’d caused his Adams apple to bob.

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