And We Proudly Raise the Curtain…

And We Proudly Raise the Curtain

Coming in June through Rebel Ink Press…

Faith15_Cover1200Faith 15 by BethAnn Buehler

Cooper Hensen is back in the Midwest, a place that holds haunting memories for him.  Worse, he’s been labeled the newcomer, the guy now responsible for replacing a pro bowl, quarterback superstar destined for the hall of fame.  And while the other guy’s name graces everything around the city from a children’s hospital to a golf course and philanthropic foundation, people keep misspelling Cooper’s, driving him crazy.  Twice in as many weeks he’s heard his neighbor, a die-hard other guy fan, refer to him as Copper.  Seriously?


Cali Carter is a hard charging, no non-sense district attorney determined to clean up the city of Indianapolis.  But lately things have shifted and she’s felt torn between her work and the position she fought so hard to achieve, and helping her sister, who’s struggling to manage her own young family and run the small café where she’s invested all of her heart, not to mention her life savings.


When a bossy, quick thinker who likes to fix things meets a man with incredible potential clouded by a haunted past, can two household names find a balance of power within their relationship and share the spotlight?

Candles II 200.300Sleeping in the Arms of a Sea Goddess: Candles on the Beach, 2 Cyn Hadyn

Captain Alexandre Joao Marshall is furious.  He’s just been tricked by a silly female masquerading as a man, and has signed a binding contract to use his ship, the Scoundrel, in a reciprocal trade agreement between the United States and Brazil.  It was his idea, his dream, and his money he’d brought to the table, and now the dream was doomed to fail.  He’d sunk everything into this venture and it would’ve succeeded if he wasn’t now legally shackled to a woman who didn’t know her place.  He’d be bankrupt and a laughingstock in the male-dominated Brazilian shipping industry if he couldn’t persuade Edwina Webb to release him from the contract or continue her misguided charade.

He should’ve expected fate would deal him a rotten hand.  After all, his mixed race, Portuguese and Japanese, had already stacked the deck against him.  He’d tried his best to defy the odds but after suffering unexpected racial prejudice from those he thought loved him, a bout of malaria that’d nearly killed him and a duel with a cousin determined to scuttle his business, Alex throws in his cards and washes his hands of his female partner and his dreams.  It’s only when the ashes of his career settle that he realizes he’d been pursuing the wrong dream.

Seppuku is only one way for a Japanese male to remedy such a great loss of face and Alex remains true to his ancestry or at least he tries to, but even that is denied him when the sea goddess Lemanja suddenly pops into his life and demands a new deck of cards.  In orchestrating one final meeting with his former partner, the goddess will give him a chance to recoup his losses and win the one hand he’d wager everything for.

CrimsonHunter200.300Crimson Hunter by JL Oiler

Ethan Bright is a rogue werewolf out to find the alpha female who’s not only strong enough to satisfy his desire for love, but who will help him reestablish his pack. One glimpse of Rosy ODonly and hes certain he’s found her. But there are a few problems with his plan. To start with, she’s part of the Hunters, an organization whose sole mission is to wipe his kind off the face of the earth. Secondly, there’s the issue of her stalking coworker,clearly he isn’t what he seems.

Rosy has some issues of her own that Ethan makes all too real. Never knowing what its like to have a real family, friends, or something to truly call her own, he’s the one person who makes the life she’s always wanted seem like a real possibility. Of course she has to be willing to leave behind everything and everyone she’s ever known.  Even if they can make it work, it might not matter.  Her leaving won’t be that easy. 

Melting200.300The Melting by Donna Steele

When a pandemic caused by the global warming that David Morrow has spent his life studying strikes, he and the rest of the world are caught off guard. His new relationship with Amanda Sutton, pathologist, becomes interwoven with the crisis and their relationship is nearly swept away in the chaos. Can they remain together against all of the odds?


Unrequited200.300Unrequited by Bill Blodgett

Unrequited is a story of everlasting love, heartbreak, addiction, and courage of the human spirit to fight back against all odds. 


Travel back in time to this peaceful New England community during the simpler days of the post WWII era of 1955, and join Joe on a reminiscent walk down Main Street America to the Five and Dime where he’ll ask Kathy out for the first time. Visit the Connelly’s home as Kathy and her family gather around their potbellied stove and trade stories of family values and of Chester, the fabled family protector. 


It’s the picture-perfect family Joe’s always wanted and when he calls on Kathy, he’s welcomed with open arms. When he proposes and she says yes, their future promises them an idyllic lifetime together, but fate breaks that promise and Joe’s plans are turned upside down.  Suddenly the peaceful 1950’s become his prison and the keys to his prison are hidden away in the true meaning of life as told to him by Riggs, a elderly black man with roots in slavery. Riggs shares his three truths with Joe as they’ve been handed down for generations, but there’s more to Riggs and his three truths than meets the eye.

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Welcome April Author of the Month, Jane Wakely

Jane Wakely (2x2)My Road to Publication

By: Jane Wakely

Just like my bio states, I’ve always been a creator of stories! For as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to be a writer, but I always told myself it was an impossible dream. Back then, traditional publishing ruled and not everyone made the cut. I wanted to try, but at the same time, I was afraid. Several questions suffocated me: What would I write? Who would read it? Would I be able to land a book deal? Would I be able to survive? The last one really hit home and instead of following my dream and listening to those who said I could, I listened to everyone who said I couldn’t and didn’t even try.

Years later, I picked up a popular book at the urging of a friend and read the huge volume in a couple of days! It was awesome and I wanted more! I found several on-line book sellers and found eBooks for the first time. I also found about small presses and saw the road to publication wasn’t as scary as I thought. (It was still scary, just not as much!)

I’d found a whole new world! I worked part-time and volunteered a lot at TG’s school, but I knew both things wouldn’t last. I still considered myself a stay-at-home mom and my daughter was growing up—I could totally pursue my dream. If I had the guts!

I got so excited, I created a pen name, wrote some half stories, but I never took the plunge. Fear and doubt still plagued me and I wasn’t sure I’d ever finish a manuscript. A few years later, I saw a submission call for a holiday short story anthology. I saved the email for over a month before I convinced myself to submit. When I finally opened it again, it was four days before the deadline.

After a huge pep-talk, I decided I was sick of putting my dream on hold. Instead of hitting delete on that email (again), I wrote. That story basically wrote itself and I finished it in two days. Even though it was only six thousand words, I was on a roll. I used the third day to reread it several times and on the final day, I submitted. I week later I got a contract.

Honestly, the experience was with another publisher and it sucked. I’d jumped in with both feet, arms flailing, and I nearly sank. (This is where I urge all future authors to do their homework when it comes to finding a publisher!) It did absolutely nothing for my writing career, except nearly end it because I was so disappointed. I’m still glad I took the leap that day. Why? Because when it came time to sink or swim, I started swimming toward my dream! :)

About Jane:

Jane has been creating stories of love and romance for as long as she can remember. She’s a sucker for a happy ending and thinks the best thing about any movie or book is when the characters find someone to love.

Jane writes romance in the contemporary, fantasy and paranormal genres, but paranormal romance is her true passion. She loves creating worlds around sexy shifters and vamps—even if the shifter is a smelly skunk!

Jane writes sensual romance that will warm your heart, and a happy ever after is guaranteed!

Find Jane:




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Here’s the blurb and an excerpt from TROY’S FOX (Chestnut Rock Shifters, Book 5):

5609503Autumn Wilson is a struggling waitress in the new café, The Health Nut. She’s been alone for so long, her circumstances, while not ideal, have become routine. Her past is a constant reminder that hopes and dreams are useless and the only one you can depend on is yourself.

Troy Richards’ success as an author has allowed him to travel the country searching for his mate. He’s visited dozens of cities and small towns over the years only to leave feeling more lonely and depressed than when he arrived. Tired of hoping for something that will never happen, he decides to plant roots in the mid-sized town of Chestnut Rock.

On Troy’s first day in town, he finds Autumn. After years of searching, he not only finds his mate, but she’s a fox shifter like him. He joyfully braces himself for her recognition, eager to start their lives together, until it becomes clear she doesn’t feel the same. Autumn seems to thwart his advances easier than a mated shifter should and tries to keep her distance. As Troy gets to know Autumn, he realizes he not only has to convince her of their mating and his ability to shift, but of her own ability, as well as the strength of a bond between a mated pair.


The town had many big-city amenities, but the low population and surrounding National Forest appealed to his needs of silence and nature. Troy laughed as he thought about his need for quiet. His Harley was the complete opposite of discreet. When he was out on the open road he enjoyed the loud rumble of the engine, but at home he preferred a softer, melodic sound. Or no sound at all.

His acute hearing, combined with his desire to work without distraction, usually kept him holed up and hidden away from society. When he put characters on the page, he was never alone. Each one felt like a long lost family member, and as he wrote their stories, they became more than just words. They engaged his mind and kept him alive.

Between stories was when he needed to worry. With nothing to keep his mind occupied, it was easy to focus on the feeling of loneliness that hovered every day, reminding him that he would probably never find a mate and he would die alone.

A shifter’s life is incredibly lonely until they find a mate to share it with. Sometimes family, friends, work or hobbies can ease the ache, but until they find the one person meant for them, there’s always a chance a shifter can sink so far into depression they can never get out. It’s not unheard of for a shifter to die from loneliness.

That’s why he left home five years ago.



Barnes and Noble:  

All Romance Ebooks:

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Monday Munchies…A Few Bits to Get You Through

1336182From Hope 22 by BethAnn Buehler…

Whitney Ryan rolled over and pushed the covers back, determined today was the day she was running away. Forget the ratings. Forget the standings. Forget her coaches, trainers, handlers, sponsors and freeloading on again, off again boyfriend. She needed a break.

Sure, her parents were going to be upset. It was unavoidable. But as of late, even they’d started treating Whitney like more of a commodity and less of a person, leaving Whitney to feel like it was all about tennis all the time. And when she didn’t play well? When she was human and actually made a mistake? Life got even worse. Sadly, Whitney’s current streak wasn’t a positive one.

As she packed a canvas duffle that could easily pass for a bag full of training gear just like the one she’d carried to the gym a million times before, Whitney made sure to keep her routine the same. She didn’t dress differently than she did any other day she kept an A schedule: breakfast at home, cardio workout till ten, court time between eleven and three and strength training before dinner.

Making her way downstairs, Whitney chatted easily with the household staff and even took time to scratch the ear of one of the two grey tabbies that claimed her childhood home. She’d definitely miss her cats. And she’d miss the spread. Food. It was truly her favorite vice.

She didn’t get to enjoy much of the junk her friends grew up surrounded by as a result of her mother having a chef on staff, but Donaldo managed to sneak in sugar and the occasional pastry, especially when Whitney’s mother wasn’t home to see her indulge. To hear her mom tell it, the lure of sugar wasn’t something to be messed with and as such, it was all but outlawed in the Ryan home. At least Whitney had the family chef in her back pocket. Donaldo was a soccer fan. That made everything easier.

Entering the dining room on high alert, Whitney sighed heavily when she saw only one place setting, all paper, gracing the top of the polished mahogany table purchased to seat twenty. Of course Marta, their housekeeper, knew Whitney had to eat and run on A days which meant breakfast would consist of yogurt, a protein shake, fruit, a power bar, energy supplements and her vitamins, all portable. Thank you, Marta! Now all Whitney had to do was pray Donaldo made something treacherous for her on the sly and she’d be on her way.

Amazon     Nook     ARe

742390From Guns & Magic by Kelly D. Smith…

The money was safely put away and the shop was locked before I headed upstairs for the night. Letting my long chocolate brown hair down from its bun, I let out a soft sigh and opened my apartment door to let myself in.  I made a mental note to order more garlic oil tomorrow morning as I sprinkled my own over the door and slid the silver deadbolt over, locking myself in for the night in my space above the store.

With another sigh I slipped out of my shoes and padded softly to my spa-like bathroom.

Calmness washed over me as I entered. The smell of lavender and jasmine overwhelmed me and I took a deep breath, turning on the tap and adjusting it until it the water was perfect. I slipped out of my shirt and knee length skirt. Before checking the water, I undid my garter belt and slipped off my stockings.

I let the water surround me, already beginning to soften my stiff joints, as I sank down into the tub. I’ve got to stop pushing myself. I scolded. But the shop’s been so busy since those vampires attacked. And I still haven’t heard from any hunters…

The vampire had been stalking our city for eighty-five days now. I still remember his first victim. She was a kid from a good home and a rich family and she’d been out with her boyfriend when the vampire took her. No one knew why the vampire left the boyfriend and until the next victim was taken down town on New Years Eve right in front of the gathered crowd, no one believed the poor kid hadn’t harmed the girl himself.   

Since then my store was bustling, mostly with parents and young people looking for some way to protect themselves from this vampire. At least I’ve been making more money, I thought before mentally scolding myself for even thinking such a thing. It was true. I made twice as much as my typical weekly income today alone.

As a shopkeeper in this town, I knew it was my duty to supply every resident with the tools that could protect them.

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath as I exhaled and tried to clear my mind.

Letting my body sink in to the water further, I focused on my breathing.

My eyes popped open when the sound of my emergency doorbell rang.

I was out of the water with a towel wrapped around my body in seconds, running down the stairs to my back door.

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The Perfect TelescopeFrom The Perfect Telescope by Winfield H Strock III…

Rex followed Todd into a room new to him, the Steward’s lair. Its curved walls housed dozens of display panels, each flickered images too quickly for Rex to comprehend. At the room’s center, atop a pillar of cables and support beams, sat the Steward of Ninety-First Earth and its solar system. In his throne of luminous chrome, his gunmetal body coursed with veins of muted light. A constellation of stars glowed within ink black hollow eye sockets.

“I understand you wish to pursue your parents,” the Steward said, his voice like a cathedral organ, its series of musical notes mimicking the work of lips and a tongue.

Rex took a deep breath and uncringed his shoulders. “Yes.”

The Steward shook his head. “That cannot be.”

“Are you not built to serve me?” Rex ventured, ashamed of the quiver in his voice.

“I serve humanity, not a single being. Your request threatens pain on those you pursue.”

Rex clenched his fists and stomped his foot. “Two years, I’ve been on this cold rock. I’m tired of having my questions about my parents go unanswered. Why shouldn’t they answer for their actions? Why can’t I confront them?”

“Questions of ‘why’ seldom find a satisfactory answer,” the Steward replied. He cocked his head. “For example; why did your mimic, Todd, violate the mandate of his makers?”

“Because he saw the harm it was doing to me. That’s why he taught me about the Veneer Clause; to protect me from lies and encourage me to explore beyond my fairytale valley.”

The Steward stepped down from his throne and loomed over Rex. “I ask myself now, why I don’t scrap this malfunctioning mimic, Todd. He’s caused more damage than you realize. Your warped attitude threatens a delicate balance within the human-machine civilization.”

Rex pulled his gaping mouth shut and swallowed hard. “What do you mean?”

“You value truth over happiness, a dangerous philosophy. You might spread your knowledge and sink your people into a deep depression or worse, violence.”

Rex shook his head. “Why would they get violent?”

“Humans turn angry easily and your crusade will demolish what many consider paradise.”

“How can I get my answers if you don’t let me leave?”

The Steward squatted beside Rex and patted him on the head. He imagined the machine might smile if only he had the features. “Our resources remain at your command to build and enjoy whatever paradise you imagine. Forget this impossible quest for an unnecessary and painful reunion.”

Rex’s mechanical stepfather, Todd, tugged at his elbow. The boy’s audience with the steward ended with him no closer to his goal and no further from his imprisoned life.

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And We Proudly Raise the Curtain…

Coming in May…

Parental Involvement-med sizeParental Involvement, Teachers Series 3 by Michelle Lowhorn

Charity Turner is every adolescent boys idea of the perfect teacher. She’s beautiful, wears form-fitting clothes, and has the highest father involvement in the whole school.  Unfortunately, they’re not the only ones obsessed with her. Recently Charity’s acquired a stalker.

Jye Jameson learned everything he knows about surveillance and security from the military.  While he was assigned overseas, a stalker killed his mother.  Consumed with guilt, he left the military and opened his own security company with a fierce determination to protect the innocent.

When Jye becomes involved in Charity’s affairs, together they will find a way to catch her stalker and end his reign of terror.

Forever Love Redemption Cover-med color matchA Forever Love: Redemption by Sheila Dool

Grayson has been through some very dark and difficult times over the past year, but with Kelly’s love, persistence and dedication, he’s been able to find happiness again.  Yet he’s still haunted by the death of his wife and unborn baby and bent on revenge.  Tracking the killer, Grayson puts he and Kelly’s lives in grave danger. When Grayson ends up in the hospital with a gunshot wound to the head, the doctors work miracles and save his life, but Grayson loses the last year of his life and Kelly once again has to be the one to do everything she can to save him.

Will Grayson ever regain his memory? Does he even want to? Kelly has been the glue holding them together but soon the pain of Grayson’s inability to remember their love becomes too much for her.  Will their story finally have the happy ending they’ve both longed for? Will Cecily finally see the love of her life get his second chance at love?

Shifter’s Legacy by Eden Glenn

Addison Barnes has loved Nathan since the moment she looked into the deep brown eyes of the injured grey wolf brought to her rescue facility and saw a human soul. Yet the complications of the birth of their first child, demands of mothering and keeping her wolf rescue running leaves Addison feeling less like a sexy mate and more like a saggy mom. She’s frightened of the pervading consequences of their son Logan manifesting shape shifting abilities. Addison longs to regain her confidence and sexual vitality and carefree demeanor. She hires drifter Duncan Black to help with some of the more physical chores at the rescue Nathan doesn’t have time to accomplish. Duncan proves to be an attractive distraction.

Duncan’s life changed forever when he’s stranded in the quaint (er…hole in the wall) north Florida town waiting on a part for his motorcycle. The chance meeting with Addison gives him the opportunity to earn a little cash and regroup before heading on to his next destination. Addison and her curvy little ass are a significant distraction to his fence building chores. With his own secret to hide, he’s not prepared to be swept into a whole different world. Covertly witnessing what seems to be a wolf turning into his boss, Duncan realizes the couple might hold the key to his own mystery.

Nathan Barnes struggles to unite his pack. Key to their future is whether his human wife can help him secure the next generation of shape shifting wolves through their offspring. Will the shifter genetics be diluted by human ones? Duncan’s presence gives a much needed buffer from all the stress. Nathan purchases an amethyst pendant from Salynne’s Crystals and Thyme as a gift of love for his beautiful wife. Sparks ignite as Nathan demonstrates to Addison the lengths he will go to for her happiness. Uncharacteristic of his Alpha possessiveness, he wants to fulfill Addison’s fantasy of a ménage with Duncan.

After weeks of handy man chores by day and lusting after Addison by night, Duncan doesn’t want to resist the offer of a weekend threesome. Planning to leave after their weekend of carnal debauchery, what could it matter?

With a lot of sex and a little magic, Addison begins to believe in the advantages of her womanly power. She finds joy in the love she shares with Nathan extending to Duncan. Will a one-time weekend celebration be enough for the three of them or will they insist on the promise of something more?

In a fit of temper, Logan makes his first shift to wolf and unwittingly sets things into motion that will bring danger to all their lives. Now Nathan, Addison and Duncan must prepare the pack against the threat of genocide for their race. Can Addison rise to the challenge and convince the pack, her husband and her lover to accept her as their best source for protection?

ForHiscountry600.900For His Country by Denisea Kampe

Twenty-seven years, more than a dozen deployments, five kids…and one missing wife.

After twenty-seven years of marriage and service to his country, Gavin McIntyre returns from what he hopes will be his last deployment before either reaching the highest attainable enlisted rank in the Marine Corps or retiring. But what he returns to leaves him flat aback with a busted mast and broken rudder. His wife is a no show for the homecoming. Using the ages old adage of improvise, adapt, and overcome, he makes his way home only to discover, she hasn’t simply forgotten to pick him up from the bus, she’s gone. In her wake, Gavin finds his home set up boot camp style and twenty dollars in the cookie jar, but any evidence he’s ever had a wife or five children with her is deplete.

Pregnant at sixteen and married to a marine in a less than romantic ceremony courtesy of the local Justice, Raylyn McIntyre has spent almost three decades playing the dutiful patriotic wife, catering to the whims of the military. She’s lost track of how many places she’s lived, how many deployments she’s endured, and how many tears she’s shed. But most of all, she’s lost track of herself. With a husband who’s so wrapped up in saving the world he can’t see he’s losing his family, Ray resorts to the one tactic he might understand…a full frontal attack with extreme prejudice, which proves to get Gavin’s waning attention.

Nothing good ever comes easy, though, and just when her choice of battle plan seems to be working, tragedy befalls their family. As Ray and Gavin struggle to find center, they also struggle with the notion that forgiveness of self is often the only path to forgiveness of another, and that path is not only bumpy but filled with pitfalls.

A Moment in Time by Ramona Scarborough

At a wedding neither one wanted to attend, Jim and Amy are undeniably attracted to each other.  Jim is into Harleys and sultry jazz.  Amy prefers reading and classical music.

Lack of common interests is the least of their problems.  Amy’s up to her eyeballs in IRS debt from her ex-husband’s business.  Plus, she hides an embarrassing secret which she fears will prevent her from ever remarrying.  Jim’s background is anything but rosy. Jim’s experiences with his ex-wife’s children have him convinced he’ll never become involved with someone else’s kids.  Amy has two.

Ghost Court by Winfield H Strock III

UnspokenShame_Cover600.900Unspoken Shame by DH Black

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All Romance E-books Bestseller…A Pirate’s Booty by Nora Snowdon

What’s a girl to do when she wakes up on a pirate ship and seems to have misplaced her hair dryer? Oh yeah, and everyone else believes she’s a boy?

Well, fighting, swabbing the deck and falling in lust with the aristocratic Ian The Invincible seems a great place to start…


A flash of sunlight glinted off the battered metal descending toward Rosie’s head.  She rolled to the side a split second before a thick cutlass dug into the wooden plank where her head had been.

What the hell?

Rosie scrambled to her feet and her right hand moved instinctively to her sword.  Her adversary, an unkempt homeless guy with crazy Charlie Sheen eyes, dove at her, his blade stinging as it nicked the outside of her elbow.   She blocked his next thrust and parried to keep him from drawing more blood.

When did I learn to sword fight?

Her arm ached with each strike against his blade.  She needed to disarm him and fast, or she’d die.  Rosie whacked his sword as hard as she could, feinted a glance to her right and gasped loudly.  Her opponent followed her gaze and she kicked him brutally in the family jewels.  His scream, as he doubled over, was cut short by the hearty thump of her sword’s hilt upon the back of his head.  He crumpled to the floor like a marionette cut from its strings.

“Yo!”  A yell from a man fighting amidst the barrels jerked her attention to another bedraggled stranger lunging toward her.  Gagging at his foul odor, she twisted to avoid his knife.  A kick to the back of her assailant’s knees sent him crashing to the ground.

“Come.”  The man who’d warned her a moment ago grabbed her arm and hauled her past a stack of fishing crates and around a corner.  At least he wasn’t as derelict as the others.  Heavy boots, yelling, and violent thumps rattled the planks above them.  The floor kept rolling up to meet her.  Oh God.  She was on a ship.  A filthy, antique sailing ship.  And she didn’t have a clue what she was doing here.

Her eyes widened.  A bum clambered over the rusty railings to drop onto the deck.  Without more than a second’s pause in his stride, her companion drove his sword clean through the man.

“Urgh…”  Not the most coherent speech, but at least she didn’t throw up at the sight of the man’s blood oozing onto the filthy wood.

Purchase HERE

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Welcome our March Author of the Month, Lori J Gordon

My Road to Publication

I wrote my first full length novel, Black Night, in 2007. When my best friend said I should try and get it published. I began sending written and e-mailed query’s to every agent I could find. I don’t recommend this since I learned the hard way it only wastes paper, postage and time if you don’t research the Agency or Publisher first. I made a huge mistake early on and it cost me both emotionally and financially. So, I decided to ask for help and was told, by more than one author, I should join RWA and my local chapter. I joined in time to attend the National Conference in San Francisco. A short time later I became a member of SVRWA where I made many friends and continued to learn my craft. By 2008 I had written two more books making Black Night a Trilogy before changing gears and writing my first suspense. I continued to submit both Black Night and Victim of Circumstances, only to be rejected repeatedly. At one point I would get at least one “Thank you for submitting…” letter a week, and twice the auto-reply e-mails. Still, I kept writing and kept submitting and even attended several meetings that involved pitching to an agent in person. Let me tell you I was shaking in my boots when my turn came. Most of the Agents I met were polite and asked for a partial submission. Some I heard back from, again thanking me for my interest, others I never heard a word. Was I discouraged? You bet. Was I depressed? Absolutely. Still I couldn’t give up. I was reading the RWA magazine one day when I saw an ad for Rebel Ink Press. I figured they must be safe if RWA gave them a spot and what could it hurt to send them an e-mail. I’m not ashamed to admit the morning I got an e-mail saying, we’d love to offer you a contract for Victim of Circumstances, I literally danced around the living room. I was carrying on so much my husband and the dog’s thought I’d gone crazy. I’ll never forget the way I felt on March 1, 2011 when Victim of Circumstances was released. It was a mixture between fear and excitement. I went to work with my head in the clouds that day. Since then Rebel Ink Press has published 4 other titles for me with a fifth due out in April 2014. And even though I know I worked hard to get there I still have moments when I can’t believe I really made it. Thank You E, for taking a chance on an unknown and inspiring me to become the best I can be.

1434235Legend of the Night

Agreeing to accompany one of the galaxies wealthiest bachelors on a trip to test his latest invention, a ship that shoots lightning bolts on demand, renowned pilot Hannah Ray discovers lightning isn’t the only spark between them.

When he asked her to join him, Nicholas James never expected his weekend outing would land him in the middle of a war zone with the woman he intended to marry. His plans of seduction ruined, Nicholas sees no choice but to join in the search for survivors.

News that Nicholas has been captured by his archenemy has Hannah flying to the rescue. Will she be in time to save the man she loves, or will Nicholas be tortured to death by Tressina Night?

Find out in the final chapter of The Lost Night Trilogy, Legend of the Night.


This morning she was running late and caught herself speeding toward the Academy. Unfortunately, the patrol officer she’d just whizzed past caught her, too. Hannah pulled over. Great, now I’m really going to be late. Hitting the control panel, the window slid down while she fumbled for her ID.

Her head nearly hit the ceiling when the officer asked, “Do you know how fast you were going miss?”

The smooth, sexy voice had Hannah blinking twice at the gorgeous man. He looked nothing like any of the patrol officers she’d ever seen. Most of the ones she’d met in person looked older, harder…meaner. “Uumm…” words failed her as she stared into his soft blue eyes.

“Too fast,” he calmly answered for her.

“I’m sorry.” Hannah held out her ID. Trying to avoid those hypnotic eyes, she cleared her throat. “I’m late for work.”

He stood there looking at her ID for a long moment. “Hannah Ray? Are you the Ms. Ray in charge of flight instruction at Tosco Academy?”

Hannah smiled proudly. “Yes, sir, I am.”

“That’s where I learned to fly.”

Hannah wasn’t sure how to respond. She didn’t want to seem rude, but she really did need to get to work. “If you don’t mind, I’ll just take my ticket and be on my way,” she said.

His grin curled her toes. “Right. You’re late.”

Staring straight ahead, Hannah only nodded.

Bio: Lori J Gordon lives in Northern California where she writes Romantic Suspense and Romantic Adventures. Since 2012 Rebel Ink Press has published five e-books with the sixth coming out April 3, 2014.  She shares a home with her husband David and their two dogs Skittles and Bandit. When she’s not reading or writing, Lori works as a retail supervisor.





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Monday Munchies…A Few Bits to Get You Through

7818566From Cursing Fate by Kayla Payeur…

Pain sliced through her skull. She jerked from the impact as her vibrant red hair flew in front of her face. She hated her hair; it made hiding and sneaking around impossible in the drab grey that was her home.

Blood trickled from her nose as she closed her bruised, swollen eyes. She knew begging and crying wouldn’t help, it never did. He just got worse when she tried to convince him to stop.

Another punch, this time to her gut. She would have doubled over in pain or curled up to protect her head and vitals, but she was chained to the wall.

She should have gone to the festival with the others, but she’d wanted the peace and freedom that staying home alone brought. Too bad she hadn’t known Moros was staying home, too.

Nine years old to her five, her half brother, Moros, was one mean sucker. Since the moment she’d been born, he’d tormented her. The beatings had only started a year ago; however, when he’d discovered the ability to make her look normal, no matter what he did to her. He loved his ability to glamour, which she hated because her parents didn’t believe her tales of torture and agony.

“Why? Why do you hate me so much?” She asked, her voice dead to her own ears. She’d asked a million times over the years; he’d never answered.

Perhaps it was because she wasn’t begging; maybe it was the blank, broken stare she saw reflected back at her in the shackles, or maybe the defeated hopelessness in her voice, but he finally explained so that her young mind could understand.

“Unlike the other two and myself, you were born of our parents’ bodies and love for each other, whereas Aither, Light, and Hemera, Day, were created by our parents’ need to keep balance in the universe. Mother and Father are Night and Darkness, they needed their opposites. I was just an unfortunate byproduct of our siblings’ creation. That is why I despise you, Ker, you were born.” The loathing in his voice grated on her ears.

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4833703From Max’s Skunk by Jane Wakely…

Maxine Donovan smiled as she drove her van through the open gate of the Chestnut Rock Resort. The wrought iron gate stood about four feet tall and surrounded the property. She’d never seen it closed and suspected it was only used as a defining property line between the resort owners and the government. Somehow, the Rookman family owned several acres of land in the middle of the Chestnut Rock National Forest.

Asphalt roads and paths were strategically placed throughout the national park to allow visitors an easy way to explore, but still maintain the atmosphere of the wilderness. When vehicles travelled through the park, they were barely noticed.

When guests passed through the gate and onto the resort property the difference was noticeable. Sparkling concrete roads replaced the asphalt and while some trees remained scattered randomly on the grounds, large open grassy areas replaced the dense trees of the surrounding forest.

The property was like a beacon of light in the dark woods and the main house was no exception. The two story, thirty room mansion was said to have been crafted out of the trees cut down to build it, but Max didn’t know if the rumor were true or not. Considering the perfect blend of light and dark unmarred wood, she doubted it. The house itself was a light tan wood, while the accents around the windows and doors were a deep cherry.

The combination was beautiful, especially in the winter when a light dusting of snow lit up the land even more. A few flurries fell on her drive from the nearby mid-size town of Chestnut Rock, but they’d already started to melt by the time she passed through the gate.

Max always felt a sense of peace when she crossed onto the resort property. It was as if she was coming home after a long day away. Something about the land called to her, and it had nothing to do with Ethan Rookman.

Ethan and his cousin Cole took over the resort from their parents four years ago. Two years later, Max started Maxine’s Muffins, her muffin business. The guys had given her a chance when others were apprehensive about forming a relationship with a new, young business owner. They were her first contracted client. Others soon followed when they learned the successful resort owners had sanctioned her business.

Whether they knew it or not, they’d done her a huge favor.

Amazon     Nook     ARe

accomdations200.300From Accommodations by Nick Santa Rosa…

A bead of water crawled down the wine bottle on the coffee table. Trish leaned back against me, head pressed to my shoulder. Strands of hair tickled my nose. Dusk had succumbed and we began the first of two planned nights at her beach house in southern New Jersey.

“I’m glad you came,” she said, just loud enough to be heard over the music.

“I’m glad you let me. This is a nice place. I can see why you like coming.” I kissed her hair and she hummed with pleasure. “Ever rent it out?”

“No, I use it too much. Especially during the summer. After a hard day laying out on the sand, it’s nice to relax on the patio.”

“Yeah, I’m sure you work up quite a sweat getting a tan. It’s a nice night. We could go out there now, I think.”

“Mmm, no. I don’t wanna get up.” She reached a hand back to my face. “I never wanna get up. This feels too good.”

“Don’t get used to it. I can only stay to Sunday and then it’s back to reality.”

“Don’t remind me,” she said with a mock pout.

For a few minutes we sat together. I listened to her breathe and felt her chest rise and fall under my hand.

“Funny, isn’t it?” She took a sip from her glass.

“What’s funny, beautiful?”

“The way things happen. You know, how we met and all.”

“I guess.”

“We know each other so well. Even though we’ve only talked online and on the phone, I feel more comfortable with you than just about anyone else. It wouldn’t hurt if you let me win a game, once in a while, though.”

“It wouldn’t hurt if you increased your vocabulary a little.”

“Go to hell. My vocabulary is just fine, thank you very much.” She giggled. “Besides, it’s hard making words with seven random letters.”

“So you think I should throw a game every once in a while. Is that it?”

“Well … Put it that way … ”

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And We Proudly Raise the Curtain…

It’s with pride we reveal the April covers and blurbs…Congratulations to Jane Wakely, JL Oiler, Kelly D Smith, and Nick Santa Rosa!

Wolf's Desire-flat-med-resComing April 3

Wolf’s Desire: Reluctant Mates Book 1, Jane Wakely

Sadie McCallister wants to find a mate and start a family, but the only man her wolf recognized as a potential mate rejected her nearly four years ago. To make matters worse, Noah follows her every move and his popularity with women is hard to ignore, especially when she can’t get another man to come within ten feet of her. Any hope of finding a mate seems foolish. When a summons from the council leaves her mated with Noah, she buries her feelings deep and resolves to live a life without love. 

Noah Alexander recognized Sadie as his mate the moment they met. Their budding friendship occupied his every thought and he couldn’t wait to claim her and mark her as his. Unfortunately, tragedy and fear for her safety forced him to push her away, but he couldn’t stay very far. A summons from the council leads to a mating with the only woman he ever wanted, and the one woman he should never have.  

In order to sustain the numbers of all mythical beings, the Council, the governing body of the Mythical Realm, intervened and found prosperous matches for several of their subjects. Rather than create an act of treason punishable by death, Sadie and Noah reluctantly agree to the mating, but hide their true feelings for one another. When Noah’s worst fear threatens to destroy their unstable union, he realizes his worries could have been prevented if he’d been honest with his mate. Now he must find Sadie before it’s too late, and prove his desire and love are worth claiming. 

HighTides_cover300.500High Tides, JL Oiler

Before the world we know rose above the waves, there was another. It is a world of magic, myth, and mayhem with Atlantis its crown jewel.

Ruled by brother’s Kia and Finn, it was a place of indulgence and indifference to the rules of humanity, until they allowed their pride and pleasure to rule them. Too late, they discover their triviality would curse all of Atlantis to an unimaginable fate.

Alana Merrick always felt more at home with sand between her toes than shoes on her feet. Now calling the small islands off the coast of Belize home, she is living her dream. Little does she know the peace and relaxation she finds beneath the waves is about to become very turbulent. As the present and the past collide, Alana may find that there are fates worse than death and the lines between fact and fiction are blurry.

Open Book-med resComing April 17

Open Book, Nick Santa Rosa

Paul turned on his computer and signed into the account his wife didn’t know about.  He’d created it as someplace to play games without friends and family teasing him.  That was just about three years ago.  For the first two and a half years that’s exactly what happened, too.  But over the last six months or so things had changed.  The games were untouched, no doubt his crops withered on the vine, his top scores long since eclipsed.  None of which mattered as he watched the screen paint with agonizing slowness and his lack of patience rewarded with a red ‘1’ highlighted in the top left corner above the e-mail icon.  A new message from the only person who ever wrote to him there. He clicked the menu.

Natalie’s name appeared at the top of the list. 

LOL.  How did you guess?

Jamie Luke and I-flatJamie, Luke and I, Kelly D Smith

Melissa can’t decide who to date! There’s shy Jamie and not so shy, totally hot Luke. So what if she decides to date them both?

When the three agree to give a polyamorous relationship a shot, what will happen? Will jealously ruin them or will they be able to stay together and make it work?

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Welcome February Author of the Month, Jennifer Wilck

I don’t remember why I wanted to write a book. I do remember, however, the physical need I had to get my thoughts on paper. I always told myself stories as a child, but it wasn’t until I was an adult that I began writing them down.  At the time, my kids were young and I wrote in the evenings, after they’d gone to sleep. As they grew older and started going to bed later, I began writing during the day, while they were at school.

I kept my activity a secret from everyone but my husband. At the time, I had no idea what would happen. I didn’t know if I’d even finish my stories, much less if anyone would want them, and I certainly didn’t want to share my failures with anyone.

Much to my amazement, and after a lot of querying and rejections and polishing and more rejections, my stories were accepted for publication. At that point, I had to confess my secret.

I went to my parents’ house with my publisher’s letter and showed it to my mom and dad. They were thrilled. My mom kept repeating, “my daughter wrote a book,” while my dad begged to read it. Really? I tried to explain to my dad that it was a romance, and he doesn’t read romance. He wanted to read it. I tried to explain that there were sex scenes in it, and I didn’t want him reading those. He wanted to read it. I looked to my mom for help—she’s usually good at this. She kept repeating, “my daughter wrote a book.” No help whatsoever. Later, I announced my news to my in-laws during a holiday dinner (I wanted to do it in person). I said, “I have news.” They asked, “You’re pregnant?” Most definitely not.

As I adjusted to everyone knowing that I was writing and publishing romance books, I learned that there are benefits to telling people. My parents are my biggest fans and are constantly asking me how my writing and editing are going. It’s a bit similar to what they used to do when I was a kid and they wanted to know how my homework was going, except that I roll my eyes less and they’re really excited. My in-laws are my best marketers hands down. With my mother-in-law’s approach of “well, why aren’t you aware of her book,” she’s provided me with lots of selling and speaking opportunities, for which I’m very grateful.

And, along the way, I’ve met many fellow authors with whom I’ve formed great friendships. One of those introduced me to Rebel Ink Press; another became my critique partner; several others have become my blogging buddies. I’ve joined writer’s associations, where I’ve learned invaluable tips that hopefully make my writing stronger. I’ve participated in creative marketing plans and developed social media platforms—see, all those hours on Facebook really do pay off! J

I’m so grateful to everyone who has helped to make my dream come true, and I hope you’ll join me for this adventure!

Jennifer started telling herself stories as a little girl when she couldn’t fall asleep at night. As an adult, she started writing them down and after several years of writing, editing and querying publishers, she’s a multi-published author. Her favorite stories to write are those with smart, sassy, independent heroines; handsome, strong and slightly vulnerable heroes; and always end with happily ever after.

When she’s not writing, she loves spending time with her family and friends, reading, traveling and watching TV. She volunteers with her Temple and is also a freelance writer for magazines, newspapers and newsletters.

A Heart of Little Faith and Skin Deep were published by Whiskey Creek Press in 2011. Her newest romance, The Seduction of Esther, was published in June by Rebel Ink Press. All books can be purchased through Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

She can be reached at or She tweets at @JWilck. Her blog (Fried Oreos) is and she contributes to Heroine With Hearts blog on Tuesdays and Front Porch Saturdays at Sandra Sookoo’s Believing is Seeing blog

1037515Samara Goldberg has a problem even the most beautiful singing voice can’t fix. She’s a walking disaster, especially when she’s around handsome men. To make matters worse, she’s in desperate need of someone to play the character of Mordecai for the Purim spiel she’s producing and the new congregant, Nathaniel Abramson, is a perfect fit. Nathaniel is a divorced dad who’s recovering from the biggest public scandal of his life. The last thing he needs is a relationship with the choir director at his new synagogue, who also happens to be playing the lead female role of Esther in the very play he’s been coerced into joining. 

Woven around the Jewish holiday of Purim, The Seduction of Esther is a story of two people whose lives mirror the plot of the Purim story. Like Esther, who had to hide her Jewish identity from the King of Persia, Samara and Nathaniel are hiding key pieces of themselves. Evil Haman wanted to destroy the Jews, and the nasty Josh will do anything to keep Samara and Nathaniel apart. Will their love survive, like the Jewish people in Shushan, Persia, or will their fear keep them apart?


Samara’s face and neck grew warm and she wanted to look away. She tried, but she couldn’t turn away from his gaze, his voice, his hands. The air crackled and smelled like…cloves and menthol? Yes!

“Thank you, Mr. Abramson.”

“Nathaniel. After the potatoes and the wine, I think we can handle first names.” He grasped her hand in his. His palms were warm and dry, his grip firm, yet gentle.

She bit her lip. He remembered.

Why couldn’t he have forgotten? Didn’t people spill potatoes all the time? She almost snorted. Even she knew the answer. She was the one who made a habit of making a fool of herself. She wished she could sink through the floor, but her hand in his prevented her from disappearing. Maybe it wasn’t so bad. At least he had a sense of humor.

“I’m Samara. And I’m sorry I left you to clean up the potatoes yourself. I was embarrassed and afraid of making things worse.”

Nathaniel nodded and Samara took a deep breath.

“Well, Samara, I think I’d better round up Zoe and go home and change. I don’t think I can do any better than this.” He pointed to his shirt as he crumpled the handkerchief in his hand.

“Please let me take care of the dry cleaning bill. Or a replacement shirt. I’m really sorry.”

“Don’t worry about it. It’s not a big deal. And it gave me a great opportunity.”


“To learn your name.” He turned and left the office.



Barnes & Noble:


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Monday Munchies…A Few Bits to Get You Through

7554350From If You Love Me by Anna Kristell…

Ashley Brant’s green eyes flashed with anger as she glared at her husband, Adam, from across the room. “What is your problem?”

Adam ran his hand through his thick, reddish-brown hair and sighed. Finally he moved closer until he stood in front of her. He replied angrily, “My problem, Ash? I think you’re the one with the problem. You find fault with everything I do lately. There’s no pleasing you.”

“If you tried a little harder, maybe I wouldn’t have so much to find fault with,” she answered sarcastically.

“Maybe my little brother was right after all. He always said we rushed this marriage. He couldn’t believe we got engaged three months after we met. I always scoffed at him, but now I don’t know.”

“Are you saying you regret marrying me?”

“No, Ash. I don’t know. Things were great between us until these past few months. I don’t understand what’s happening to us. We can’t seem to agree on anything these days. We fight about everything, from who’s going to take out the trash to whether or not we’re going to start a family. Is that the problem? You aren’t ready for kids and you don’t want to tell me?”

“That’s not it and you know it, Adam. I want a baby as much as you do. But I refuse to bring a child into this world with things the way they are between us. Something’s got to change.”

“And it’s got to be me, is that what you’re saying?”

“Think about it. Lately, you’re, well, just different. You’re not the fun-loving, hot-blooded man I fell in love with. You’re distant. You never want to go out and when we stay in, you ignore me. You’re either glued to the television or the computer. That’s not what I signed up for. I miss our good times together.”

Available at:    Amazon    ARe    Nook

6957036From Unto Us by Michele Prince…

Muffled voices in the distance sounded amid a light crackling from a fire. I’m nervous as I wake. How much time had I lost? The dream of Oscar was wonderful, but Luke must have picked me up. I’m going to be in so much trouble. Maybe I’d only passed out for an hour or two.

Did I even make it out of the parking lot? So upset by what I had read, I could see me just falling asleep in the car and dreaming the whole thing. That makes more sense than…

“Momma, book.” A small hand smacked my face.

“No, Sam,” I instinctively said as I clutched the small hand. “No hitting.”

Sam always did that to wake me up when he wanted something. I had been trying to break him of it when he—Opening my eyes I saw my son. He was pulled from my hand in one swift motion.

“No, Sammy, don’t wake mommy,” a woman said as I saw Kelly grabbing Sam.

 Sam? My Samuel? My son? He’s dead, my husband’s dead…the car crash…

 “Kelly? Did I die?”

A reasonable question since my dead son just smacked me across my face and my guardian angel, Kelly, stood in front of me with her dark brown hair pulled back into a French twist. Two small tendrils framed her mocha colored face. It seemed as though no time had passed since I last saw her in the same jeans and sweatshirt six years ago.

“No, Ellie, you’re alive,” Max, Kelly’s husband and my other guardian angel, said.

He was sitting in a chair in my living room with his forearms resting on his knees. His hair had been released from the braids he usually wore into a mangle of curls with hints of blond on the soft brown hair.

It appears I’m on my couch and a fire is burning in the fireplace across from me. My couch in my house, not Luke’s okay…

“She’s awake,” Kelly said softly as she looked past me to someone. “Ellie, I need you to listen to me.”

Available at:    Amazon    ARe    Nook

5055326From Panther’s Claim by JL Oiler…

Lyssa yawned as she plopped unceremoniously down in the chair and waited for her morning coffee to brew. The smell of the fresh grounds still hung heavy in the air, lifting her spirits as she faced yet another day unpacking the dozen or so large boxes still littering the floor of each room in her new home. She had moved to North Ridge two weeks earlier, needing to escape from her hometown of Bridgeport and the ex-husband who still tried to run her life. The only drawback was having to leave her volunteer work with CASA. The Court Appointed Special Advocates group allowed her to give a voice to the kids caught up in the court system. Still, she figured the small, isolated community would be the perfect place to disappear for a while. Luckily, the sale of the house she’d received in the divorce settlement would allow her to vegetate for a few months before she needed to find employment.

The green light blinked on the automatic coffee pot, signaling her morning addiction was ready. She pushed herself up from the table and walked to the counter, anxious to wrap her hands around her favorite mug. Motion just outside her window caught Lyssa’s attention, so she moved the thin curtain she had hung over the window yesterday out of her way to get a better look. She still needed to meet her neighbors, so she was anxious to sneak a peek.

Instantly, her mouth went dry at the sight of the large Adonis who smiled and waved at her from the other side of the dusty glass. He wore only a pair of drawstring pants. Muscles covered his massive frame, dark hair hung loosely just above his broad shoulders, and his eyes screamed sex. She said a silent ‘thank you’ for the warm weather the southeastern states boasted. Even with tomorrow being Halloween, the temperature was seventy plus degrees.

Lyssa reminded herself to breathe. It wasn’t as though she had never seen a sexy man before, but then again, the last time she came close to having sex was nearly a year ago on the evening her divorce became final.

Holding her coffee mug high, she returned his smile and motioned for her new neighbor to join her for a morning cup of fresh joe. Lyssa opened the cabinet door and grabbed a large mug from the shelf. Hearing a rap at her back screen door, she realized she still wore the thin tank top and shorts she’d worn to bed, and a sudden feeling of uneasiness fluttered through her stomach. “Too late now!” she mumbled under her breath before telling him to come into the house.

“Would you like cream or sugar?” she asked before she was struck dumb. Even more gorgeous close up, he stood a good six foot plus with eyes the color of the summer sky, more god than man.

He gave her a slow once over then grinned. “Just black would be fine.”

Available at:    Amazon    ARe    Nook

1779839From A Forever Love by Sheila Dool…

Grayson had loved Cecily his whole life. Their mothers were best friends and when Grayson was ten months old, Cecily was born. He took to her instantly and felt the need to always protect her. If anyone picked on her, Grayson was there to fight her battles. When they started high school, Cecily ran wild and Grayson was there to pick up pieces of broken relationships and fumbled mistakes. He was her big brother after all. At least that’s how everyone saw them. He even called her Sissy because as a toddler he couldn’t say Cecily. Maybe as a child he thought of her as his little sister but as they grew older, his feelings changed. But he knew Cecily’s hadn’t. He compared every girl he dated to her. No one made him feel the way she did and he began to wonder if any woman ever would. Would he be alone his entire life? Or would Cecily someday share his feelings?

Cecily wanted to be a painter. She’d painted from the time she could hold a brush and she was really quite accomplished. Her dream was to go to the Art Institute in the city. Grayson was content living in their small town, the boy who always wanted to be a firefighter. After he graduated, Grayson went to school to be a firefighter and when Cecily graduated, she took off for the big city. They kept in touch at first, but soon her emails slowed until she stopped writing all together. Every now and again she’d text to ask how he was, but when he texted or emailed her, it would be months before he’d hear from her. It was if the girl he’d loved his entire life had dropped off the face of earth.

Available at:    Amazon    ARe    Nook

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